Through deserts and fields and forests, she walked. The snakes and foxes and low beasts scattered at her approach and gathered again at her heels. Men ran alongside her and cried out: "But what is to become of us!" To them, she said nothing. In time she reached his little hut and he was already waiting for her. She held high her hammer and said: "There are ten thousand foes drawn on every side of me but i will never yield. I will tear down wicked cities and build just cities in their stead. I will raise kind sons and bold daughters who will answer to no one. I fear nothing but defeat and I will have naught but victory. The daughters of my daughters will know my song and my mark on the world will be forever" She let down her hammer. "What say you then?" To this, he said nothing. He smiled and his smile was perfect. -Julia, 78:14

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